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Loyal Friends

Naomi and Lia are very loyal friends that have been supported through North Quabbin Citizen Advocacy (NQCA) since 2015. Naomi has been there to support Lia through a sickness and the sudden loss of her father. They also do many fun things together, including going on vacations and going out to eat. Naomi recently said, "I love having her over. She is so much fun!"

NQCA is the only non-profit organization in the North Quabbin area that recruits, matches and supports over 200 local people in voluntary advocacy relationships. NQCA finds friends for people with a mental disability or disorder. That friend helps out free of charge because they care about the person, not because it's their job.

In the midst of the continued pandemic, that has even meant ensuring life-saving basics like food, medical care and safe shelter. NQCA encourages the advocates to be there for the long-term, to offer practical help and to advocate on behalf of their friend. These inspiring relationships are meaningful for both partners.

Your support makes a profound difference. One relationship at a time, NQCA fosters a genuinely caring community where all are welcomed, included and valued. You can help change lives - one relationship at a time. NQCA's work would not be possible without the generous support of people like you.

Thank you!